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04 November 2013 @ 01:27 am
15 Minutes Above the Fold (Full Story)  
Title: 15 Minutes Above the Fold 1 through 10
Author: dorothy_notgale
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4500-ish
Genre: AU, Drama
Story Summary: The front page of the Hill Valley Telegraph tells of the infamous trial and imprisonment of Emmett L. "Doc" Brown: madman, killer, terrorist and escapee.
Image-based and pretty heavy, but with a happy ending, I promise!
Contains: Major Character Death (But He Gets Better!), 1985-Zero--The Dystopian Present, Outsider Perspective, Sensationalist Journalism, Bad Graphic Design, Terrible Headlines, No Page Jumps Nohow, Sentences So Long I'd Cut Them For Print, The Fold Is God, Magic Spacing, Time Travel (no kidding! BTTF with time travel! How novel!)
Notes: I'd like to thank the incredibly kind man I found on LawGuru.com for walking me through figuring out what exactly the criminal charges for these shenanigans would be in California.

Also on AO3

Chapter 1: Saturday, October 26, 1985-0

 photo HVTelegraphAboveFold-10-26-1985_zps54f88885.png

Chapter 2: Tuesday, October 29, 1985-0

No one has ever been as beloved in life as when the media catches wind of their heartwrenching death. Or, time for a candlelight vigil.
 photo 02FifteenMins-10-29-1985_zps78741cdc.png
 photo Correction10-28-1985_zps30dccb34.png

Chapter 3: Tuesday, November 5, 1985-0

An arrest is made. Lines are drawn. And a journalist provides a platform for the airing of unsavory insinuations; the Telegraph needs all the sales it can get.
 photo 03FifteenMins-11-05-1985_zps1d7fa145.png

Chapter 4: Interlude: From the Staff of The Lightning Strike (1985-0)

Hill Valley High School's yearbook committee jumps into action. This year's Lightning Strike will have the most moving dedication ever. Even if the song choice is, perhaps, not what the dedicatee would have chosen. Van Halen just didn't work with their theme.
 photo SpringYearbook_zps5c4cee07.png

Chapter 5: Sunday, November 9, 1985-0 (Color Edition)

There is something in the DeLorean that shouldn't be. The issue of possible radiation poisoning is, understandably, a touchy one.
 photo 04FifteenMins-11-09-1985_zpsef7a9c24.png

Chapter 6: Saturday February 1, 1986-0

Damning evidence is brought to light.
 photo 06FifteenMins-02-01-1986_zpse0f924b6.png

Chapter 7: Tuesday, February 4, 1986-0

 photo 07FifteenMins-02-04-1986_zpsa7bbcc97.png

Chapter 8: Friday February 21, 1986-0

Never underestimate a crazy, wild-eyed scientist; they tend to be quite resourceful. In other news, Edna has access to the most esoteric confidential sources.
 photo 08FifteenMins-02-21-1986_zps062fc0ce.png

Chapter 9: Sunday April 6, 1986-0 (Sunday Color Edition)

These things are not related.
 photo 09FifteenMins-04-06-1986_zpsb6fa1fe7.png

Chapter 10: Friday May 16, 1986/1986-0

10 05-16-86 Final

Non-GIF version of the finale[s], for your reading pleasure:

 photo 10AFifteenMins-05-16-1986-0_zps5df4f09b.png
 photo 10BFifteenMins-05-16-1986_zpsaa707ac7.png

No, I don't have any idea what manner of shenanigans they were involved in that resulted in Einie getting stuck up there. It's just funny and the Hill Valley equivalent of the "kitten up a tree" fluff piece.

Also, bonus: This story, at least in the Zero timeline, was originally supposed to end in a globe-threatening nuclear war between the US and Libya. But like Zemeckis, I ultimately decided that the flashy atomic ending was self-indulgent and unnecessary compared to the image of sweet cars racing through Hill Valley at almost 90 mph. So there's that, y'all.

If you'd like to hear some blather and wordvomit on the writing of this and all of my rationale, head on over to my livejournal. I'd love to talk.
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