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"Back to the Future" Fan Fiction

A community for writers or readers of BTTF fan fiction

The "Back to the Future" Fan Fiction Community
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Fan Fiction for the "Back to the Future" series.
Do you dream about further adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown? Do you like to write about Hill Valley, California?

Then you may be interested in this community. Fans of the Back to the Future series, who also enjoy or participate in writing fan fiction, are welcomed. Exchange writing tips and techniques. Share stories. Seek beta-readers. And, of course, have fun!

This is a community that is available only to its members. In other words, unless you join, you cannot have posting privleges. This is to hopefully eliminate any spamming, etc.

You must abide by a couple rules, however, if you decide to participate:

1) If you are going to post a story, please place it behind a cut. Thank you.

2) When posting a story, be sure to:

• State the title and byline.

• State the rating (G - NC-17, if it came to that.)

• State the genre/sub genre if appropriate. (Gen, Alt Universe, crossover, angst, Mary Su, etc etc.)

• State a brief synop.

3) Any stories posted should do their best to follow the rules of the English language. Spelling should be strong, grammar and use of correct punctuation should also be present. If it does not fit this criteria, the story may be deleted and your account banned from the community.

4) It is my strong, strong recommendation that any fic you posted has been Betaed by someone -- that is, read by someone other than yourself. It seems to be the best way to polish up something before the general public sees it.

5) Re: the monthly challenges: You may only participate in the challenge -- or submit something for the challenge -- during the month it is given. So if you write something for the Jan challenge, submit it by Jan 31st, or it is invalid. You may only submit one story per challenge. If you write more than that, you must choose your best to post.

6) No flaming. If you can't stand someone's work, please phrase it in a polite, constructive criticism mode.

By joining this community, you have agreed to abide by these rules. If you stray from these guidelines once, you may get a gentle reminder. To not correct it or to do it again may result in being banned or otherwise deleted. Outright abuse of these simple rules will likely result to banning by the moderator, foxywriter. (Feel free to drop her any questions about the community, too.)

Thanks! See you in the future...or is it the past?